Bierfabriek Amsterdam


We are moving to Nes 67!
Therefore we are closed from September 25 until September 30. Bierfabriek at Nes 67 opens October 1st.

Rokin 75
1012KL Amsterdam
P: +31-(0)20-5289910
E: amsterdam@bierfabriek.com
Opening hours
Monday 15:00 hour - 01:00 hour
Tuesday 15:00 hour - 01:00 hour
Wednesday 15:00 hour - 01:00 hour
Thursday 15:00 hour - 01:00 hour
Friday 15:00 hour - 02:00 hour
Saturday 13:00 hour - 02:00 hour
Sunday 13:00 hour - 00:00 hour

*The kitchen is open till 23.00 hrs.

Bierfabriek Delft, Blauwe Delft Zaal


Burgwal 45-49
2611GG Delft
P: +31-(0)15-3646154
E: delft@bierfabriek.com
Opening hours
Monday 16:00 hour - 00:00 hour
Tuesday 16:00 hour - 00:00 hour
Wednesday 16:00 hour - 00:00 hour
Thursday 12:00 hour - 01:00 hour
Friday 16:00 hour - 02:00 hour
Saturday 12:00 hour - 02:00 hour
Sunday 12:00 hour - 00:00 hour

*From Sunday to Wednesday the kitchen is open till 22.00 hrs. From Thursday to Saturday till 23.00 hrs.

Our menu has been carefully compiled. Most of our products are organic. We serve a good meal for a fair price. Our house specialty is charcoal grilled free range chicken. These small French chickens (‘poussin’) are of a rustic breed with slow growth.

Bierfabriek, BBQ Boerderijkippetje
BBQ Farm Chicken

These free-range chickens from a rustic breed are marinated 24 hours in a blend of olive oil, fresh herbs and our homebrewed beer before being grilled over charcoal. We serve our chicken with sauces and fresh fries.

Daily specials

Next to the regular menu, we serve a daily special as well as a vegetarian dish.






If you have an allergy. Please contact us or click here for more info.




Bierfabriek, Borrelhappen
Bitterballen Typical Dutch snack 7 pc. €5,00
Goat cheese croquettes 7 pc. €5,50
Thai curry bitterballen 7 pc. €5,50
Serrano ham croquettes 7 pc. €6,00
Mixed fried snacks 8 pc. €7,00
Calamares €5,50
Chorizo frito €6,00
Fried prawns €6,50
Pinchos Variados €6,50
Olives €3,00


Bierfabriek, Hollandse Charcuterie plank
Dutch Charcuterie board (for two)

A wide range of Dutch artisan cold cuts, traditional Amsterdam raw beef sausage and homemade ‘’Amsterdam zuur’’ (sweet and sour onions and pickles).

Dutch Cheese board

Delicious Dutch cheese varieties that match perfectly with our special beers.

Bruschetta board

Caprese. Truffle cream and brie. Artichoke and mozzarella.

Home-baked bread

Baked with organic ingredients and served with creamy salty butter.



Bierfabriek, Salade met gegrilde BBQ boerderijkip
Bierfabriek salad

White cabbage, sugar snaps, bean sprouts, spinach, radish, apple, orange and grilled chicken filet.

Spinach salad

Fresh spinach, blue cheese, walnuts and raspberry dressing.

Red salad with marinated salmon

Red chard, radish, red cabbage, beetroot, leek, red carrot and marinated salmon.


Mixed salad
Small €4,50
Large €8,50
Bierfabriek, Take-Away
No time to eat our delicious grilled chicken at our place? Or want to surprise your friends at home with the best BBQ possible? Then make use of our take-away service! You can get a grilled chicken with fries and sauces for only € 12.50. Do you prefer a salad? That, of course, possible too!


Bierfabriek, brouwerij
Alc % 5,2Rich and tasty Pilsner. Brewed especially for us.

Unpasteurized and therefore full of flavors. Unfiltered, so tasteful yeast and protein residues are not lost.

30cl €3,00
Alc % 5,6Ruby red Ale brewed in-house.

A smooth, fruity and malty beer. Czech hops give this beer a hint of bitter.
A refreshing thirst quencher with mild flavour.

30cl €3,50
Alc % 5,8Dark Porter brewed in-house.

A smooth beer with a small bite.
Hints of chocolate and toast with a soft bitterness at the end.

30cl €3,50
Bierfabriek, PUUR pilsener


A small brewery, like the BIERFABRIEK, brews special beers and no lager. Hence our partnership with Limburg Brewery Alfa. Together with them we developed PUUR. An unfiltered and unpasteurized pilsner and thus richer in flavor.

The main difference with ‘normal’ Pilsner;

  • 10% higher plato and vol% (for a “fuller” taste)
  • Unfiltered, so tasteful yeast and protein residues are not lost
  • Not pasteurized, so the beer, although with a shorter shelf life, retains more flavor


Available only at the BIERFABRIEK. Alc. % 5,2.

Bierfabriek, huisgebrouwen Rossa


For our Red Ale beer, we use three kinds of malt; Pils-, Cara- and Carared malt. Our ruby red ROSSO is a smooth and malty beer with some sweetness. The bitterness comes mostly from Czech hops.

ROSSO is a fruity ale beer and has a beautiful nose. In short: a refreshing thirst quencher with a mild flavor. Alc. % 5,6

Bierfabriek, huisgebrouwen Nero


Our dark beer is a Porter that is made from a blend of 5 different malts. The end result is a dark, but not yet black, beer with a little bite.

The roasted malt is clearly visible and the aftertaste is both soft and firm.

NERO has tones of chocolate and “toast”. Alc. % 5,8

Bierfabriek, frisdranken


Besides beer we also serve various other (non-)alcoholic beverages


Organic wine:
Red / White / Rosé  glass/jug/bottle v.a.  €3,00
Prosecco v.a.  €5,00
Liquors v.a.  €3,50
Spirits v.a.  €4,00
Mineral water Small 20 cl. €2,50
Large 50 cl. €3,50
Sodas €2,50
Orange juice €3,00



Bierfabriek offers various options for groups to eat or drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bierfabriek, Taptafels


Are you looking for a nice and cozy place to organize a drink with special beers? Our taptables are perfectly suited for you.
At our taptables our homebrewed beers ROSSO and NERO and our special unfiltered pilsner PUUR can be tapped. A taptable is a table with its own taps where you, your colleagues, friends or family can sit or stand while chatting, eating or maybe even dancing. It is possible to order food at the taptables. Here we serve our dishes in an informal/‘finger food’ kind of way, like chicken pieces on large wooden plates.
These tables are unique in the Netherlands and can be reserved from as many as 6 to around 150 persons.


Beer prices at tap tables:
ROSSO and NERO     € 10,50 per liter

PUUR                                 €   9,50 per liter


Would you like to reserve a taptable or do you have any questions? Please contact us by mail or phone.



At Bierfabriek you’re welcome with your family, friends or colleagues to enjoy everything that Bierfabriek has to offer: home brewed beers, free-range chicken and cosiness. A wedding, a birthday bash, a business meeting or graduation party, it is all possible! We are happy to think with you about the best way to organise the event.


In Bierfabriek Delft we have, next to the possibilities in the restaurant or the café, a private room available. You can book this room to dine or have a drink in a comfortable and private setting, or to do a business meeting. Contact us (hyperlink naar locatie Delft) to get more information on the options or check our brochure.

Would you like to have a look at our place first, feel free to visit Bierfabriek during opening hours.



Make an online reservation for Bierfabriek Amsterdam and Bierfabriek Delft here. Please call in case you would like to book after 16.30 PM for the same day (see below)

Group menu

Do you want to book a spot for a group. We offer multiple preset menus. Please ask for this while making your reservation.

If you like to reserve table, please fill in the form below.

For more information on our group menus or taptable reservation please fill in the contact form or call us.


Rokin 75
1012 KL Amsterdam
E-mail amsterdam@bierfabriek.com


Burgwal 45-49
2611GG Delft
E-mail delft@bierfabriek.com

Please fill in the form below if you have any questions, remarks or feedback. We look forward to hear from you!


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